Force Quest Part Three! Review of THE FLASH #60

Barry and Iris are on a world tour…scratch that, Force Quest…okay, pretty much the same thing, but still a great adventure. When we left them in the last issue, Barry had just met the newest avatar of the Strength Force, Fuerza! It’s speed versus strength in an epic battle – and they aren’t the only ones involved in the fight! Want to know more? Just follow us after the jump!


In Corto Maltese, life is especially hard these days. A corrupt man named Cauldron has taken over the police and is bringing exceptionally powerful weapons into the country illegally. Our newest strength avatar Fuerza is fighting back to protect the people of her country, but she mistakes Barry at first as being on the wrong side of the battle. It doesn’t take long to figure out who the real bad guys are, as Cauldron orders his men to fire indiscriminately at Flash and Fuerza, endangering innocent people. When Flash objects, Cauldron even points a gun at Iris! That gets Barry and Fuerza on the same side as Barry speeds Iris and Fuerza out of the line of fire and to safety.

Barry tries to ask Fuerza, aka Alexa Antigone for her help in his Force Quest. For her part, Alexa is far more interested in staying and protecting the people of Corto Maltese. Still, we learn a bit about the Strength Force from her perspective.  As we know, there are two aspects to this force – strength and that connection to gravity.  Alexa has learned how to deal with the size issue by calming herself – it allows her to stay her normal size. She is close to being invulnerable most of the time – but when lifting extremely heavy objects that invulnerability is lessened somewhat. Barry would like to explore more more about the Strength Force with her help, but right now Fuerza just wants to concentrate on the strength aspect to protect those around her. Fuerza has created what she believes to be a safe haven…but we’ll come back to that…

Meanwhile in Central City, Detective Burns and Commander Cold are fighting crime together…and flirting a bit (at least Burns is doing her best to flirt).  They hit a dead end for now, not realizing that the Trickster…the original Trickster, is watching everything. He doesn’t want some “wannabe Rogue” messing things up for the rest of them…

Back in Corto Maltese, that “safe haven” is suddenly interrupted by an attack! Cauldron and his men are demanding to know where Fuerza is – and she and Flash answer that question as they enter the fight. But, Cauldron is more than prepared this time, with a gauntlet that is powered by the Sage Force! That’s where we leave our heroes for this issue – can’t wait to see what’s next!


  • This quick recap doesn’t do justice to the continued importance of Iris West in this storyline. Of our favorite couple, only one of them can speak Spanish, and it isn’t Barry. Without Iris they would have been completely lost at first. And, we continue to see an Iris West that isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. I really like how her character is portrayed in this arc.
  • Barry once again reveals his identity on almost a whim (sort of like in the CW Flash series Season One) – but in this case it’s because of the connection he felt between his Speed Force and her Strength Force. In this instance, he’s absolutely right to trust Fuerza.
  • Gemini make a brief appearance early on in this issue, mainly to establish that they did get some inside info in Gorilla City. They are on to some unnamed location to get a few steps ahead of Barry and to plan a trap there. That is likely for next issue.
  • Before they agree to work together, Fuerza does get in one mammoth punch to the gut on Barry. Even though I don’t like seeing Barry getting hurt, the exaggerated facial expression he wears for that punch is just priceless!

SUMMARY: Another great installment in the Force Quest arc – I’m definitely on board for the full ride. Joshua Williamson is doing a wonderful job with the characters of Barry and Iris, and I like the addition of Fuerza for the arc. Hopefully we will see more of her sometime down the road. The art from Rafa Sandoval (pencils) Jordi Tarragona (inks) and Tomeu Morey/Hi-Fi (colors) was right on the money this issue. I’m a big fan of great expression – of facial expressions that go beyond mad/scared/rage – and there are a LOT of great expressions in this issue. The only limitation here is the page count – I wish we could go beyond 19 pages of story, but that’s not the fault of this excellent creative team. I’ll give this one an 8/10 – but that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!

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The first two installments of ELSEWORLDS have been absolutely stellar! We’ve seen reality twisted with Barry and Oliver switching heroic roles. We’ve seen the 1990’s Flash in full costume. We’ve been to Smallville, with even the Kent Farm from that series. And, we’ve met Batwoman and learned whether Bruce Wayne exists in the Arroverse! Believe it or not, that doesn’t give half the things we’ve seen and learned in this crossover. It’s almost a shame to end it tonight…but will ELSEWORLDS go out with a bang or whimper? What major developments will we find that could impact FLASH, SUPERGIRL and ARROW for years to come? Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is posting prior to ELSEWORLDS airing in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, STOP HERE and come back after you’ve seen the show. You’ll be glad you did!

When we left Part 2, Barry and Oliver were transformed into the Trigger Twins, hunted by the CCPD! Neither one of them has any powers now, and as they flee they run into the Dark Superman, in full black uniform.  Looks like Deegan is using the Book of Destiny to really mess up things this time.

As we start Part 3, Dr. John Deegan gets the intro to the show. Why not, he’s the hero now…he turned himself into the Dark Superman! Yes, the Superman in black is actually Deegan! He has rewritten everyone and everything in the universe. Good guys are now bad, S.T.A.R. Labs is now the Superman HQ, Killer Frost, Alex Danvers, and John Diggle are all henchmen for Deegan…and that’s not all, but we’ll get to more of that later.

Barry and Oliver try to track down Cisco Ramon, but when they get to an apartment door and burst in, they find a strange platform with no walls and…the Monitor himself! He tells them that if they are to win, they need to find their true selves, and with that they are back outside the apartment.

They do track down Cisco, who is now the biggest crime boss in Central City. “Superman’s Worst Friend” Jimmy Olsen is his enforcer. Barry and Oliver are about to be in BIG trouble when Barry brings up the name Dante Ramon – and they get an audience with Cisco.

Cisco can still vibe – he just uses it to steal from bank vaults.  He is interested in how to stop “Superman” and agrees to help Barry and Oliver…especially when Barry offers to teach Cisco how to breach to other worlds.

They reach the Fortress of Solitude on Earth 38 and tell the real Superman what’s happening.  Supes accompanies them back to Earth 1.

While all that is happening we see Deegan/Supes back at S.T.A.R., with Kara in the pipeline. Over time, she convinces Alex to free her. But, just as the two are about to get away they are confronted by Deegan/Supes! Just in time, we get the real Superman with Barry, Oliver and Cisco…and the fight is on!

While that fight is happening, Kara, Alex and Barry get to Deegan/Supes’ “Fortress” (actually the time vault) and grab the Book of Destiny.  It’s too much for Kara to operate, but she knows that Clark has encountered these types of books before. She gets the book to Clark, who starts to rewrite everything. He gets far enough to restore Kara, Barry and Oliver…but then Deegan/Supes reappears and threatens to kill Barry.

Oliver has a Kryptonite arrow (where from, who knows?). But, Barry talks him out of it, saying that this may actually be the test that the Monitor has given them, to see if they are the better people.  With that delay, Deegan/Supes grabs the book and flies away.

Deegan is changing reality seemingly hundreds of times, all at once.  S.T.A.R. briefly becomes the Earth-X version before changing several times to become the Dark Superman HQ again. He changes cop cars into taxi cabs…you get the idea.

There is a way to stop this, but it is very risky.  Tell me if you’ve heard something that is somewhat similar to this before…

If Flash and Supergirl run/fly around the world very, very fast but in opposite directions, they can slow down time. That will give Clark a chance to grab the book. It could work, but Clark saw while he had the Book of Destiny that this would kill both Kara and Barry.  They want to risk it anyway. Clark is very worried, but Oliver has an idea that he wants to try…

Oliver goes back to the Monitor and calls him out.  Oliver knows who he is, about the darkness that is still inside him. He also knows that Barry and Kara are symbols of hope, of the best in all of them…and he’s willing to deal. What will Oliver be willing to exchange?

Meanwhile, Lois, Braniac 5 and the Martian Manhunter show up. It’s a good thing they did, because Deegan/Supes is winning. He’s even brought A.M.A.Z.O. back to fight on his side. Brainy takes that on while Lois uses a strange hammer (any ideas folks?) to give them a chance. Deegan/Supes blasts Lois into the air, and as she is falling to her doom…

Time. Slows. Down.

Now, does Superman save the universe by grabbing the book, or does he save Lois? (Have we seen this type of choice before? Yes, we have!).  But, he doesn’t have to make that choice because…

Oliver shows up with an arrow that glows with a blue light. He fires directly at the Book of Destiny…

…and the world returns to normal, while the Book loses it’s power.  What we don’t know for sure at this point is what Oliver was willing to exchange.  Was it giving up the Book? Was it something far more personal? That’s probably something we may find out when ARROW returns from the mid-season break.

As for Deegan, he is no longer the Dark Superman. His face is withered and quite zombie-fied in appearance.  He’s still alive, but no longer a threat…for now.

The Earth 38 crowd returns home, where we learn that Superman and Lois are expecting! To be safe, they will return to Argo City so that the baby’s kicking won’t kill Lois. More than that, they probably will raise their child there, at least for a few years…maybe for good? Clark is confident that he can leave the world safely in Kara’s hands. What a BIG change for Earth 38!

One more Earth 38 note – Superman proposes to Lois!

Back on Earth 1, Barry and Oliver are sharing a drink and talking about all the events that happened, when Oliver gets a call…from Gotham City…

Yes, it’s Batwoman. She lets Oliver know that Deegan has made a new friend at Arkham, and that may not be a good idea. That friend?

The Psycho Pirate!

And the Psycho Pirate says some very familiar words…“Worlds will live. Worlds will die. And the universe will never be the same.”

That’s when we get the graphic that in the Fall of 2019 we will get…



  • How many Richard Donner Superman movie references can you load into one episode? Apparently a lot – and I have no complaints. I haven’t listed every instance in this article, so go back and add any extras in the comments below.
  • What was that hammer Lois used? I’m not the definitive expert, so I could be missing something. Any theories are much appreciated here.


  • Getting to the show itself – It is always hard in comics and comic-based TV to have a finale that matches the intensity of the prior chapters.  ELSEWORLDS manages to have a credible end to the show that wraps things up in a satisfying way.
  • I was a bit worried before the show that we would see multiple versions of Earth played out with everyone playing 15 different parts in one show. That didn’t happen here, and even the part where Deegan was changing reality hundreds of times a minute seems to work.
  • The CG of the Supes vs. Supes fight was good overall, though some of the flying sequences were a little off in the CG department.  Still, I enjoyed the fight.
  • Finally, it’s good to see that this isn’t a “let’s forget it ever happened and all is perfectly back to normal” ending. Supergirl will have to take on protecting the whole world by herself.  Oliver will likely have some repercussions – though that may be a mystery in the short run. As for Barry? Well, those red skies will be coming back a LOT sooner than 2024! And it looks like that will involve EVERYONE, including our new Batwoman!
  • Which brings me to the BIG announcement at the end. CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS is what we seem to have been aiming for since the start of THE FLASH on CW.  I’m hoping that doesn’t mean anything for the life of the series – certainly they don’t have to follow the comic script and write our Barry…and that may be the purpose of this season’s plot with Nora, to change that part of history. Still, I’m looking very much forward to the Fall of 2019 and what we will get then!

SUMMARY: I was about to give a 9 or 9.5 to this episode until the very last moment of the show…but the wrap up of the episode gives it some extra credit. We’ll give this AND the overall crossover a 10/10. That’s just my opinion, of course – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!

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Flash #60 Preview

For some reason, the last two Flash issues have had no official preview pages released. This week’s issue has one double-page spread posted as a first look, and that will have to do. You can see it (along with the variant cover) at Inside Pulse, and it shows us another look at the new Strength Force user Fuerza, who was briefly introduced at the end of last issue.

variant cover by HOWARD PORTER
Barry puts his fleet feet in his mouth against the next Force wielder he meets! Introducing the new Strength Force user, Powerhouse: she’s a young rebel using her powers to fight the corrupt police state in Corto Maltese. When Barry learns that she wants to use her super-strength to overthrow the government, he tries to intervene—and ends up tripping into a melee with the new hero instead.
ON SALE 12.12.18
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers.
Please see the order form for details.

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ELSEWORLDS Part 2 Review!

After last night’s amazing episode, we shift the scene to Gotham City. There is a LOT that we learn in this chapter of ELSEWORLDS, in another action-packed episode. Having Batwoman’s official debut after that quick cameo last night leads us to a lot of possibilities as well. How many Easter Eggs from the Bat-mythos will we see in this show? And, can we finally see the JWS Flash of the 90’s on Earth 1? And…most importantly, is THIS the real Crisis on Infinite Earths? We’ll learn all that and more in Part 2 of ELSEWORLDS! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


Note: This review is posting prior to ELSEWORLDS Part 2 airing in the Pacific Time Zone USA.  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, STOP HERE and come back after you see the show! You’ll be glad you did!

This is another show with a plot points coming at us at a very fast pace. There is no way to cover everything here, so I’ll bullet point the plot points below:

  • Barry, Oliver and Kara arrive in Gotham on a rooftop with gargoyles all around (of course). While Barry and Oliver argue about whether Batman is real, they uncover the Bat Signal! However, it seems unused…covered up.  Why?
  • Barry’s “Arrow” persona lands him in the Gotham jail, along with Oliver and Kara. They are bailed out by a mysterious benefactor, who turns out to be Kate Kane.
  • From Kate, we learn that Bruce disappeared from Gotham three years ago, and Batman did as well (I know, but Barry and Oliver don’t know that). After Batman left, Gotham has gone downhill dramatically. Even the Wayne Enterprises tower has been largely abandoned, vandalized with spray paint. Kate has Bruce’s old office, with some of Bruce’s belongings boxed up. More on that later…
  • Oliver uses some data stolen from the GCPD to track down Dr. John Deegan. They don’t know where he went until Kate tells them that he now works at Arkham Asylum.
  • They get into Arkham and find a LOT of Easter Eggs here, from the cell of Edward Nigma to the Psycho Pirate to the cold equipment of “V. Fries” to the fear gas of Jonathan Crane! That last bit gives us guest appearances (hallucinations) of Thawne and Malcom Merlin, pitting Barry and Oliver against each other until Batwoman separates them.
  • Supergirl tracks down Deegan and gets the book. All is well and reality can come back, right? Not so fast as you’ll see in a moment…meanwhile…
  • The JWS Flash of the 90’s has been trying to get to the team all this time. The Red Skies and lightning seem to accompany his attempts to break through.
  • Those red skies are only over the city where Barry and Oliver are at any time. Central City was clear the moment Barry and Oliver left town.  That seems to separate this from the actual Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is confirmed later on.
  • JWS Flash finally appears! At first they think he’s Jay…then possibly Barry’s dad…but he introduces himself as Barry Allen (of course). He thinks he knows John…but on Earth 90 John must be John Stewart and a Green Lantern.  No time for all that, though, as The Monitor appears on the street!
  • The standoff doesn’t go well.  The Monitor can do whatever he wants. He sends the JWS Flash away in a puff of smoke, and does a similar thing to Supergirl when she tries to attack. Kara stays in the area – no idea where JWS went at this point.
  • The Monitor is testing each of the universes in the Multiverse, looking for champions who can face someone much more powerful than himself. There is a Crisis coming and he needs champions strong enough to face it.
  • The Monitor is impressed that they were able to get the Book of Destiny, even though they were unable to open it – apparently no heroes on other Earths have been able to do so before.
  • Still, the Monitor takes the book back and gives it once again to Deegan. He tells Deegan to think bigger this time…and he does!
  • Barry and Oliver suddenly find themselves in Central City as the Trigger Twins! They are about to be arrested when they run away to find…
  • The Black Suit Superman! There’s no place they can run…and there we stop for tonight!

Okay, believe it or not, that’s a bare bones description of the show. There was a LOT going on, so let’s get to the notes!


  • Now we know that this is not THE Crisis, but a view to a coming crisis that the Monitor wishes to stop. The Book of Destiny supposedly created all the different realities. The Monitor believes that all those different realities are creating a “collision of realities”. This book can alter any reality, though, and that’s just what he wants to see…to test the heroes in some strange way. Yep, the Monitor is a giant jerk (or other word you may insert here that I don’t want to type right now)…
  • Ruby Rose was spot-on as Kate Kane/Batwoman. She gave a fantastic performance, and if they go through with the Batwoman spin-off, I’m in!
  • BTW – the Batwoman costume was incredibly true to the comics version. It was as if Batwoman literally stepped out of the comics page and onto the set. Outstanding!
  • …and the box of Bruce’s belongings included the bust of Shakespeare! Nice nod to the 1960’s Batman show.
  • When the JWS Flash appears, he thinks he recognizes John Diggle…but not as Diggle. JSW Flash says, “You’re not wearing your ring!” in an obvious nod to John Stewart.
  • After the Arkham adventure, Kara stays behind to talk to Kate/Batwoman – Kara of course can see through the mask. They talk about how they could have made a great team…Kate adds, “World’s Finest”.  Nice to see that term used here.
  • Important note: I haven’t given you nearly all the Easter Eggs in this show. Just too many of them – but please feel free to add what you’ve caught in the comments below!
  • For Arrow/Olicity fans, we see some potential resolution to the relationship troubles of Oliver and Felicity. 
  • Finally, we say goodbye, at least for now, to Barry being Arrow and Oliver being the Flash. It was truly fun while it lasted. Great performances by Grant and Stephen throughout!

SUMMARY: Another blockbuster episode – this crossover is being done right! This is another 10/10 for me. Of course, that’s just MY opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!

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ELSEWORLDS is here! Review of Part 1

THE big event is finally here! ELSEWORLDS shakes up the Arrowverse, and if this first chapter is any indication we are in for a fantastic ride! This is an action-packed, high intensity, top speed (pardon the pun), and at times hilarious crossover, and it all starts HERE! The setup works exceptionally well, bringing together most of the major players seamlessly. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!

SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned!

Note: This review is posting prior to ELSEWORLDS Part 1 being aired in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the show yet, STOP HERE and come back after you’ve watched the episode. You’ll be glad you did!

We start with the clip that ended FLASH last week, with the John Wesley Shipp Flash running from the Monitor on the now-doomed Earth 90. From there we go straight to Earth 1, where the Monitor meets Dr. John Deegan and hands him this amazing and powerful book. With that book, he can rewrite anything in the universe. As the Monitor says, “Use it wisely. The universe is in your hands.” So, what to do first?

We cut to the West-Allen apartment where Oliver wakes up to find that everyone thinks he’s Barry Allen. As the new Flash, Oliver has to stop a crime in progress at Ivo Labs. He stops the crime with speed force lightning…but with too much of it. The lightning bounces around and animates a robot in Ivo Labs…

Yes, we have A.M.A.Z.O. here! LOTS of trouble ahead for this episode!

After an awkward meeting with Team Flash, he decides that the best course is to meet “Oliver Queen” in Star City. Meanwhile, Barry finds himself training with Diggle. He realizes that he has now been recognized as Oliver Queen. He wants to get in contact with “Barry Allen”, but has to go with Diggle to a crime in progress first. Like Oliver, Barry isn’t used to his new gig. Just when everything is going south, Oliver arrives as the Flash and speeds both Diggle and Barry away.

Back at S.T.A.R., no one believes them. The team even conspires to knock them out and places them in the pipeline! They manage to escape using some of each other’s techniques and make a run for the extrapolator to go to Earth 38 and get Supergirl’s help. The thought is that this mind swap only affects Earth 1 – and they are right. Iris hands them the extrapolator as she starts to believe that Barry and Oliver might be telling the truth, and they head for…


Yes, we have now established that the Kent farm is on Earth 38! In case you need any further proof, just listen to the soundtrack as we appear at the farm. WOW!

Clark and Lois and Kara are all there. Kara talks with Clark about recent events on Supergirl, in which she had to leave the DEO. The President had demanded she tell her secret identity, and Clark agrees that she did the right thing by not complying.  Clark wants to tell Kara something, but is interrupted by Barry and Oliver. Kara does recognize them accurately, and introduces them to Lois and Clark.

The scenes here are fantastic. Barry finally has a comeuppance for an incident early in his training with Oliver, but that starts bickering between the two. It finally resolves when they come to a realization…that if they are stuck with each other’s abilities, they need to start acting more like each other. It plays into their motivations – Barry needs to be more serious, and Oliver needs to loosen up.

Just then Cisco appears.  A.M.A.Z.O. is tearing up Central City, and seems to be able to take on the powers of any meta it faces.  Clark and Kara accompany Cisco, Barry and Oliver back. This battle is on a grand scale – and it takes all that help to save the day. The kill shot is Barry’s, and he uses Oliver’s phrase, “You have failed this city” to make the shot. He is learning to act like Oliver, at least for now. 

Back at S.T.A.R., the team now accepts that Barry and Oliver have been switched.  They discuss more about this strange situation on Earth 1, with the red skies and strange lightning. Cisco has seen vibed visions of the Monitor, though he does not know that name yet. He lets Barry and Oliver in on the Vibe, and they see the moment the Monitor handed that book over to Dr. Deegan.  Somehow, Monitor can see them! He tells them that there is really nothing they can do to stop what’s coming.

When the Vibe session stops, Oliver uses his newfound speed to draw a picture of the scene they witnessed.  They realize where they need to go next…

That drawing included the Wayne tower!

In Gotham City, we see a brief glimpse of Batwoman on the top of a building…and that’s it for this chapter. Come back tomorrow night for Part 2!


  • There are SO much of the show’s details that are not in this review – this was fast paced and action packed throughout. I use my keyboard to take notes while watching every episode, and this is the first episode in five seasons of THE FLASH that I actually had trouble keeping up with the pace of the show while keyboarding. There was not a second where this show dragged on. Great writing and acting here!
  • There were a lot of great lines in this show. Some were Barry and Oliver using each other’s usual lines. Some came out of their confusion in realizing that there had been a switch. Some came of their natural friendly rivalry. And one line came from Sherloque…who handed Clark a check for his third wife who lives on Earth 38! Sherloque was “just a bit” behind in his alimony payments. Clark agrees to take the check back with him, and after Clark leaves Sherloque asks “Can I trust him?”
  • Using A.M.A.Z.O. was the perfect plot device to bring Supergirl and Superman to Earth 1. The fight required everyone’s help, and the way they resolved the battle made as much sense as comic book science can give. In other words, you could still suspend  your disbelief at the way they came together on Earth 1.
  • SMALLVILLE! Need I say more?
  • And I would be remiss if I didn’t officially recognize the Crisis on Infinite Earths here, red skies and all.  Yes, the red skies are coming years earlier than the future headline…but that could be Nora’s visits messing with the timeline, or there could even be a second Crisis in the future. After all, DC seems to have one of those every few years anyway.  
  • The thing about THIS crisis is that the Monitor doesn’t seem to be the good guy here. Is he more of an Anti-Monitor figure here? We’ll have to wait and see.
  • And, we get two great cameos. John Wesley Shipp in full 1990’s Flash regalia, and Ruby Rose as the new Batwoman looking like she jumped straight out of the pages of her own comic. Can’t wait to see more from both!


THIS is the way to start a crossover! Tons of action, a seamless way to bring everyone together, some exceptionally funny moments, HUGE nods to past DC shows, and a vision of things to come. This is a 10/10 for me. Of course, that just my opinion.  What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!

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“Elseworlds” Final Trailer

The three-part DC CW crossover “Elseworlds” begins this coming Sunday, and you can see the last and longest trailer below! It gives us a good glimpse into the premise, the heroes, and the villains of the story arc.

As a bonus, check out the teaser for the crossover which aired at the end of Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash this week. It features the Flash of Earth-90, who’s very recognizable to old school Flash fans.

The crossover airs from December 9th-11th at 8 PM each night. Be sure to check it out!

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“What’s Past is Prologue” Review of S5 E8 the 100th Episode of THE FLASH

The gang’s all here…including some blasts from the past no one would have expected (unless you’ve seen all the promos, trailers, articles and other spoilers for who would show up).  It’s the 100th Episode of THE FLASH! We have a VERY wild ride ahead, so let’s just go straight to the review, right? Right!


Note: This review is posting prior to THE FLASH airing in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t already seen the show, STOP HERE and come back after you’ve watched it. You’ll be glad you did!

Before we move forward, let’s talk about shows that hit a milestone episode. Far too often, the show is just a series of flashbacks (no pun intended).  It’s “remember when we did x?” and then you see the clip from the old show. THIS show has a much difference approach, one that could only work in the Arrowverse – and it’s pure genius!

Team Flash is trying to figure out how to stop Cicada, now that they know who he is. But, how do they get past the dagger that steals their powers? Nora has the answer – go back in time!

All the things they need for a “dagger dampener” are in the past. A strong alloy with magnetic properties? That would be a piece of Savitar’s suit. Something to draw off dark matter energy? Combine that piece of Savitar’s suit with the Speed Force Transmitter that Zoom used to take away Barry’s speed. How to charge the device so it will work? Expose it to the original particle accelerator explosion.  Then how to get the device close enough to work? Time glitch!


Time glitch – in this case, hide the device near the hospital years before now, and use it at the last moment when Cicada isn’t ready.

So, the task is now…how to grab everything without changing the timeline. Can this be done with stealth? THIS is how they revisit critical moments in past episodes, with present Barry and Nora watching! It gives us a whole new look at those scenes!

Barry doesn’t want Nora to go at first, but Iris convinces him that the person who had the idea should be able to go along. That said, I’m not sure Nora knew what she was in for…she sees…

  • Nora sees Iris shoot Savitar!
  • She comes face to face with Zoom!
  • She learns what Thawne did to Barry’s parents – the Flash Museum doesn’t tell everything, and she didn’t know. We’ll come back to that below.
  • She meets Thawne! What’s interesting is that Thawne seems to wave goodbye at the end of that scenario, as if he knows something more…and he likely does.
  • She and Barry are there for the particle accelerator accident. They see the old S.T.A.R. Labs team, INCLUDING Ronnie (before becoming Firestorm).

There are points in this story where they could have accidentally changed the timeline.  Savitar’s piece of armor disappears and reappears in Nora’s hand. Present day Barry tells H.R. one way to find his daughter. Zoom was grabbed by a time wraith while chasing Barry and Nora. Lots of potential here, but we don’t see any major changes immediately upon their return.

They get the device together, hide it in a column at the hospital, and then the fight is on!

Barry is waiting out in the parking lot, with Team Flash nearby.  The device works…for a moment. Cisco vibes the dagger into outer space and Barry is beating Cicada down.  But…

Cicada calls the dagger back from outer space!

He wants to kill all metas…including himself when his fight is through.  With the dagger returned he is about to strike a final blow, when…

Killer Frost appears! The dagger does not work on her, as her powers are not dark matter related.  When she blasts Cicada, he turns tail and runs…er, flies away.

Sooooo, the plan didn’t work. But, it was a great adventure. And, they now know that Killer Frost may be a key to defeating Cicada later on.  All that’s left is…

A conversation between Sherloque and Nora.  He has been decoding her Speed Force symbol journal. “The timeline is malleable”.  Nora is evasive, claiming that this book is how she records everything in the original timelines, so she doesn’t forget her dad if something happens.  It’s a “time glitch”. Sherloque isn’t buying it. He asks where she learned all this, time school?
Nora says, “I created it”.

We go to Nora in the Time Vault, where she is scanning pages from that journal to Gideon for delivery. She also decides to deliver a personal message…and goes to 2049!

It looks like she goes to Iron Heights (correct me if my reference is wrong, folks).  In one of the cells is a person who is reading those pages that were scanned in 2018. He turns around, and it is…

Eobard Thawne!

What is going on here? We’ll have to wait till after the crossover for that one.

AND – we see the preliminary clip for the crossover, with 1990’s Barry Allen (YES!) and The Monitor.


  • Ralph playing “Back In Time” (from Back to the Future) while Barry and Nora go to the past was so perfectly Ralph in this show.
  • Nora finds out just now about Thawne killing Nora? Why wouldn’t Iris have told Nora about this? To protect her from the Flash legacy while she dampened young Nora’s powers in the future? Learning this fact may be what’s behind Nora’s “we need to talk” with Thawne, but we’ll have to wait to see how that turns out.
  • It will be interesting to see if we revisit some of the events of tonight’s episode – to see if they play out in timeline changes.  After all, if the time wraith caught Zoom much earlier in the storyline, Barry would never have had to create the time remnant that became Savitar. Plot hole or future plot line? We’ll have to wait for that as well.
  • Finally, I haven’t given you NEARLY all the past characters who show up in this episode.  Easter Eggs all around! Let us know in the comments who you find!

THIS is how you do a 100th episode! A great plot device to work in iconic scenes with a fresh twist. HUGE amounts of action – I have only skimmed the surface in this review. And, we have  that almost-but-not-quite-win over the big bad that happens about this time in the season – but worked seamlessly into the episode. I’ll give this one a 10/10 – but that’s just my opinion.  What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!

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